How to Submit an Ad

Placing your advertisement for The Courier couldn’t be easier with our online system. Simply download your content, dog information, photo, photo release and payment and it will be submitted to The Courier Team!

Please utilize our online submittal system.

  1. Have all of your advertisement information ready (picture(s), content and payment).
  2. Enter in advertiser’s information.
  3. Choose page design (standard or premium) and any additional ala carte items (additional photos, prime placement, logo, etc.).
  4. Create your ad content. We recommend that you create your advertisement content in a Word document. You can then simply upload the word document.
  5. Upload photo and photo release.
  6. Enter dog information. Health information is considered full disclosure on ads which are congratulatory in nature. Information is provided in a table at the back of The Courier. Only dogs with photos are required to have health disclosure.
  7. Make payment via PayPal. PayPal accepts major credit cards.

Design Choices:

Standard Design (Template Ad) - No Additional Charge

  • Choice of One Color Background (for color ads)
  • Two Fonts
  • One Photo Included Per Page (additional photos can be included for a fee)
  • Dog's Call Name
  • Dog's Registered Name
  • One to three bullet brags about your amazing PWD!
  • Owner/Breeder/Handler information
  • Additional photo fees apply

Premium Design (Designed Ad) - $75.00 Per Page/$125.00 per 2-page spread

  • Themed or Choice of Color Background
  • Multiple Fonts
  • Layered or Added Elements (i.e.: cut out objects, blurred backgrounds, etc.)
  • One Photo Included Per Page (additional photos can be included for a fee)
  • All text listed in Standard Design (and any additional text requested, as page allows)
  • PDF of advertisement emailed to advertiser after publication (approximately 10 days)
  • Additional photo fees apply


Photos should be in digital format, high resolution (300 dpi) uncompressed TIFF or JPEG files.

No black and white or color photocopies or ink jet or laser prints of digital photos will be accepted. Photos from web sites, cell phone or at web resolution (72 – 96 dpi) cannot be used.

Print Ready Advertisement Submittals:

You may use an outside professional designer which must be approved by The Courier. Pages created by InDesign, Adobe CC software and QuarkXpress will be accepted. Specifications are available through the Courier Advertisement Team:

Please utilize the online system to upload your advertisement, provide dog information and pay for your advertisement. Standard deadlines are applicable.