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Getting a Purebred PWD Puppy

You've come to the right place; no one knows Portuguese Water Dogs like the PWDCA! We know that PWD puppies are cute. We know that PWDs are playful and wickedly smart. But we also know that the breed we all love is not the right dog for everyone.

Before you buy, we want to help you make sure that a Portuguese Water Dog is a great fit for you and your family. As with all breeds, it's important to understand the unique characteristics that make up a PWD. So it's worthwhile to spend some time examining health and temperament issues, exercise requirements (physical and mental!), and grooming needs.

The "Find a Puppy" resource section of this website was written by experienced PWD owners, trainers, medical professionals, and behaviorists to help you locate, purchase, and prepare for your first puppy. In addition to extensive content regarding the puppy buying process, we've created a "Puppy Resource Kit," a "Puppy Buyer Cheat Sheet," and annually publish an online, Special Edition of our award-winning magazine, The Courier, especially for you. We encourage you to explore this website's resources, including:

Living with a Portuguese Water Dog is an amazing, magical adventure.
We just want you to be prepared for the adventure part!



If you want a dog that...

  • Requires regular and extensive grooming
  • Demands attention, mental stimulation, and exercise
  • Challenges your will
  • Needs training and human contact
  • Thinks independently
  • Voices its opinion—often and loudly
  • Greets friends and family with unbridled enthusiasm
…the Portuguese Water Dog may be right for you.


Or, if you'd prefer a dog that...

  • Requires minimal grooming
  • Needs little or no attention or exercise
  • Requires little mental stimulation
  • Is very obedient in nature
  • Enjoys a sedentary lifestyle
  • Blends into the woodwork
  • Occasionally jumps, licks, and wags its tail
...the Portuguese Water Dog is NOT right for you.