1. Interview/meet the family and match the puppy to the best home for all involved. Be prepared to wait for a puppy. First come first serve wait list, does not evaluate puppy or family to best match them.
2. Refer to the breed as Portuguese Water Dog or PWD. The word “Portie” is used to refer to the breed.
3. Dedicated to breeding PWDs with puppy prices in line with the going rate. Produce several different pure bred dog litters and/or mixed “designer” dogs. Pricing too high or too good to be true.
4. Only has a limited number of litters per year and the Sire is usually off property. Produces many litters a year, often between the same group of parents they own.
5. Title their dogs in performance and/or show events and are affiliated with Regional and National PWD Clubs. Parents don’t compete and are just used to breed. No Club affiliations
6. Provide PWDCA health test documents on parents and does vet wellness and eye exams on puppies before they go home. Does not health test parents or testing is incomplete. Limited or no wellness exams or eye exams on puppies. No documents.
7. Provide multi-generation Pedigrees with Registered AKC names and titles along with a call name. Dogs on pedigree have no titles, pedigree doesn’t exist and parents are referred to by only call names like “Fido” & “Snowflake”.
8. Expect the family to pick up and transport their puppy home. Offers to fly the puppy solo to the destination. This isn’t an Online order!!!
9. Contractually require the dog be returned if family can’t keep it. Does not agree to take the puppy back.
10. Raise the puppies in their home, socializing and preparing them for family life. Provide support for the lifetime of the dog, based on each family’s need. Puppy receives little socialization and is not well prepared for homelife. Offers limited or no support after puppy is purchased. HAVING AKC PAPERS DOES NOT MEAN WELL BRED!

For more details please follow the link to view the PWDCA Puppy Buying Cheat Sheet.

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