Outstanding Breeder Achievement Award

The PWDCA Board voted to suspend the OBAA program for 2020 because of lack of shows and trials due to pandemic restrictions, and to the uneven geographic distribution of water trial opportunities. No award will be made for 2020.

The Outstanding Breeder Achievement Award (OBAA) recognizes and awards PWDCA member breeders who abide by the objectives of the PWDCA bylaws, breed according to the PWDCA health testing recommendations, and promote achievement of the dogs they breed in both conformation and performance competition.

The purpose of the Outstanding Breeder Achievement program is to recognize breeder accomplishments in support of the following objectives from the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America (PWDCA) bylaws:

  1. To encourage and promote quality in the breeding of purebred Portuguese Water Dogs, and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection.
  2. To encourage members and breeders to accept the AKC approved breed standard as the only standard of excellence by which Portuguese Water Dogs shall be judged.
  3. To protect and maintain the good health of the breed by establishing and encouraging ethical breeding practices, by supporting PWDCA health policies, and by promoting participation in the PWDCA health programs.
  4. To do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed and to encourage sportsmanlike competition at all recognized AKC and PWDCA events.

The Outstanding Breeder Achievement Award is based on the following principles:

  1. We emphasize first and foremost the unique type and work of the Portuguese Water Dog.
  2. We promote breeding that reflects PWDCA recommendations.
  3. We honor the versatility of the breed and its owners.
  4. We recognize that a breeder's record of achievement emerges from the relationship between breeder effort in the production of Portuguese Water Dogs and owner effort in lifelong care and title attainment by those dogs.
  1. Competition for the Outstanding Breeder Achievement Award is open to all breeders who are members in good standing with the PWDCA at the time the award qualifiers are determined (normally by June following the award year.) Award calculations are based on official title reports from AKC and PWDCA, so participation in the program is automatic. No enrollment or registration is required.
  2. AKC and PWDCA titles earned during the calendar year will be used to calculate standings for that year.
  3. The breeder of record as listed on AKC registration shall determine the breeder to whom points shall accrue, regardless of the format of the registered name. Points for a non-qualifying co-breeder will automatically default to a qualifying co-breeder. In the event of co-breeding by multiple qualifying co-breeders, the qualifying co-breeders will be asked to decide which breeder earns credit for the points. If co-breeders do not agree, the points earned by the dog(s) in question will be split equally between all co-breeders of record. In the event that no response is received from a co-breeder, the points will default to the co-breeder that responds to the request. Attempts to contact breeders will include email, telephone, and US Mail.
  4. In order for a breeder to be eligible for the Outstanding Breeder Achievement Award in any given year, there must be at least one title earned during that year in each of the following categories. These titles may be earned by different dogs.
    1. At least one conformation title
    2. At least one PWDCA/PWDCC One water title
    3. At least one AKC title from Obedience, Tracking, Rally, Agility (except for ACT titles), or Scent Work.
  5. Any dog earning eligible titles must have been bred in accordance with PWDCA health testing recommendations in effect at the time of the breeding. If health testing criteria are not met, those titles are not eligible for inclusion in calculating the OBAA standings. For any breeding involving frozen semen from a deceased dog, the recommendations in effect at the time of death determine eligibility. Testing requirements are detailed in the document Health Testing Requirements for OBAA and POM.
  6. The litter from which any titlist comes must be listed in the Health and Litter Log along with results of all health tests for the sire and dam.
  7. For dogs living outside of the United States, a championship from the country of residence is eligible in lieu of, not in addition to, an AKC championship. Breeders or owners of such dogs are responsible for submitting a copy of the certificate to the coordinator of the program no later than February 1 following the year in which the championship was earned. In addition to the title certificate, the breeder must submit full litter information including Breeders of Record, Registered Name and Registration Number (including AKC number if dual registered) for the dog, sire, and dam.
  8. Canadian water titles (PWDCC) are recognized as equivalent to PWDCA titles. Any dog that earns duplicate PWDCA and PWDCC water titles will receive points for just one title at each level. Upon request by the program administrator, breeders or owners of dogs earning PWDCC water titles are responsible for submitting additional information on titling dogs. This information includes Breeders of Record, Registered Name and Registration Number (including AKC number if dual registered) for the dog, sire, and dam


  1. In order to preserve emphasis on Portuguese Water Dog type and function, AKC breed Championships and PWDCA Courier Water Dog Excellent and Master Water Dog titles earn 3 points each.
  2. Other water titles (Apprentice, Working, Working Excellent, and Courier Water Dog titles) earn 2 points each.
  3. AKC MACH and OTCH titles earn 3 points each. All other AKC titles in Obedience, Tracking, Rally, Agility or Scent Work earn one point each, with the exception of titles such as CT and VCD, which are automatically generated upon completion of combinations of other titles and will not accumulate additional points.
  4. The total points earned by all dogs from each breeder will be added together to determine total points credited to that breeder.
  5. The total number of titling dogs from each breeder will be divided by the number of litters from which they came, and the resulting ratio will be multiplied times the total points per breeder to calculate the OBAA score for each qualifying breeder. THE OBAA scores will be ranked in numberical order.
  1. The OBAA Winner for the year is the breeder with the highest OBAA score and will receive a commemorative plaque.
  2. The next four qualifiers for each year will be ranked #2-5 in order of OBAA score.
  3. The annual OBAA winner, top 5, and other Qualifiers for the year will be listed in The Courier magazine and noted on the PWDCA website. A qualifier has the option of being listed by name OR by their kennel name, at their discretion.

Contact Amanda Ford for questions regarding the Outstanding Breeder Achievement Program.