Pin Awards Program


The PWDCA Pin Awards Program is designed to reward PWDCA members who put working and breed titles on their dogs. The award comes in the form of a colorful PWD specially-designed lapel pin and is awarded for the first title a dog earns in eight different venues:  Breed, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Scent, Agility, Water, and Service.

Pins will be mailed automatically to the owner of record.


You will receive one pin for the first title earned in eight different venues for each PWD you own—Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Agility, Scent, Water, and Service. One pin per venue, per dog, per lifetime.
Effective January 1, 2012, the only registries accepted for the Pin Awards Program are the AKC and the CKC.

Service pins are given for dogs who work in either Therapy, Search and Rescue or as an assistance dog. There are specific eligibility requirements for each. Find out more about the Service Dog Pin Award and eligibility requirements below or contact the PWDCA Pin Awards Coordinator.

An owner whose dog has earned an AKC Therapy Dog (THD) title will receive the pin automatically.


A Letter of Commendation is required from the facility where the dog works (worked): The letter must be on the organization’s official letterhead, and state the following information:

  1. The dog has been of value to the facility.
  2. The dog has worked a minimum of 16 hours as a Therapy Dog with patients, inmates, students, or residents of the institution.
  3. The name of the certifying registry, if any (TDI, Delta, other).
  4. If the dog is retired or deceased, the Letter of Commendation may be written by the institution or registry, stating the information listed above.
  5. Optional: Use the Therapy Service Record to track your hours and to assist the institution when writing the commendation letter. It is not required for application.
  • These are dogs that assist an individual owner with a disability.
  • A letter on official letterhead from the member's Primary Care Physician stating that the dog is an approved medical tool and has provided a needed service for the disabled handler is required.
  • Each dog must have passed a CGC test and provide a copy of the passing certificate.
  • Dog must be tested by an accredited national, state, or local Search and Rescue evaluation team.
  • A letter or copy of the official card must be submitted, indicating that the dog has passed the test and meets the test criteria for Search and Rescue. Organization contact name, address and phone number is required.
Yes. If you are a PWDCA member and have earned your first title in Canada, you are eligible to receive a pin. The Pin Awards Coordinator, however, does not keep Canadian records. Proof of your accomplishment needs to be sent to the Pin Awards Coordinator. Include a copy of the title certificate with the owner’s name and mailing information. Remember, a duplicate title from AKC will not entitle you to an additional pin.
Pins are sent to the first PWDCA member named on the dog's AKC registration papers (except for water titles). You will need to contact the co-owner to obtain your pin or, alternatively, you can purchase one. If you wish to have the owner/co-owner names reversed, both owner and co-owner would need to contact the Pin Awards Coordinator.
Sometimes owners lose pins, sometimes there is a co-owner on a dog who would like a pin. You may purchase one (1) replacement pin per venue, per dog, at a cost of $5.50 per pin. Replacement pins may be purchased in the PWDCA Store.
Yes. You may purchase pins for any title earned prior to becoming a PWDCA member. You will need to send a copy of the title certificate along with your name, address and $5.50 to the Pin Awards Coordinator.
If you meet all of the criteria and are sure you are due a pin, please contact the Pin Awards Coordinator.
Pins will be mailed to you approximately two months after a title was earned (following our receipt of the AKC Awards Database). If you prefer to receive your pin sooner, send a copy of the title certificate and mailing information to the Pin Awards Coordinator. Your pin will be mailed within a few days. PWDCA Water title pins are mailed as soon as stats are received from club water trial secretaries.
No. Junior Water Dog is a certificate level not a titling level. You will receive your first Water pin when your dog earns Apprentice Water Dog (AWD).

For more information, contact the PWDCA Pin Awards Coordinator.