Water Trial Judge Information

Welcome to the Water Trial Judge's Page. This page is for Judge Applicants and Supervisory Judges

Water Trial Judge Applicants, please complete the online application. This will help to expedite the application process. Please make sure you are signed in as a member before clicking on the link below. (Scroll to the upper left hand corner of this page. If it says "Welcome, (Your Name)", then you may proceed. If it says "Welcome, Guest," please click on "Member Center Sign In" and sign in before proceeding.)

Questionnaires/Feedback - to be completed by both Applicants and Supervisory Judges

Both supervisory and applicant judges are required to complete a questionnaire after each assignment; the online forms are preferred. Please complete your appropriate form no later than the Wednesday immediately following the trial. If you prefer to complete it in PDF form, please return it to the Trial Secretary for inclusion in the Trial Report OR email the completed form to the Water Trial Committee Judge Liaison. You must be signed in as a member to follow the links below. Please refer to the instructions in the first paragraph.

Online Forms:

PDF Versions:

Supervisory Judge

Applicant Judge