Local PWD Clubs

PWDCA Sanctioned Regional Clubs

The best way to meet other PWD owners is to join your Regional PWD Club and get involved. These local clubs are sanctioned by the PWDCA, with some also being sanctioned by the AKC. Regional clubs are independent of the PWDCA but are a great source of information for both the prospective puppy buyer and the new owner. Many Regional clubs offer PWDCA-sanctioned water trials, host regional PWD specialty shows, host the National Specialty, sponsor "Supported Entries" at local dog shows and more. These clubs are dedicated to the betterment of the breed and are interested in helping others by answering any questions you may have. Join your Regional club for fun and camaraderie; you'll also be able to commiserate over your furry friend's "indiscriminate palates" and that $20 bill that your PWD ate.