Conformation is what most people think of when they hear "Dog Show." Conformation events are important for evaluating dogs for future breeding to preserve the standard of the Portuguese Water Dog. Attending a dog show is a wonderful way to learn more about the breed and to meet breeders and handlers who are dedicated to showcasing quality Portuguese Water Dogs. To find a show in your area, contact your local PWD Club.

Dog fanciers exhibit their dogs in dog shows to evaluate them for future potential breedings and to showcase the results of their different breeding programs.
Dogs are judged by how well they conform to the AKC's written standard, which describes the physical attributes and temperament that is ideal for the breed. Judges feel for the correct physical attributes by placing their hands on the dog, watch for the correct conformation through the dog's movements, and also watch for temperament traits while the dog is in the ring.
The number of Portuguese Water Dogs you can expect to see in the ring varies depending on the type of show, the area of the country, and the size of the show. At the PWDCA National Specialty, a show exclusively for Portuguese Water Dogs, you can expect to see hundreds of representatives of the breed; at a smaller all-breed show, you will find substantially fewer or, possibly, none. Seeing Portuguese Water Dogs competing in the show ring, with their proudly carried tails and lively movement, is an exhilarating sight.

The AKC assigns points for each breed of dog, dependent upon the number of registered dogs in that state. Dogs must earn 15 points to become a Champion (CH), and at least two of their wins must be "majors" (3 points or more). The majors must be won under different judges, and you must win under at least three different judges. In order to earn points, dogs from the classes must win either Winners Class or Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex, or Best of Breed. For more information, please visit the AKC website.

To become a Grand Champion (GCH), a dog must already have a CH in order to compete for a GCH. Dogs must earn 25 points with at least three majors (under three different judges), under a total of at least four different judges. Dogs must also defeat at least one other Champion of record three times. Dogs must win from the Best of Breed class and must win Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, Select Dog, or Select Bitch in order to earn points towards their Grand Championship. For more information, please visit the AKC website.