Specialty Event Advisory Team (SEAT) Committee

Chair: Open
Elaine Suter
Roy Cawley
Sandra Foster
Chuck Teasley
Holly Trumble
Melinda Harvey
Mike Mobley
Kim Beach
Kathy Gilmore


The SEAT committee was fully implemented in 2005 and is a committee of 10 people who have chaired and/or played major organizational roles in past PWDCA National Specialties. The mission of the committee is that of a mentorship role to provide resources to potential hosts. SEAT recognizes that PWDCA Regional clubs who agree to host and "invite" the PWD fanciers to their region want the show to have a regional flair and reflect their areas and unique ideas they bring to each national. The SEAT committee is there to guide them through the process and within the procedures outlined by the AKC and PWDCA.

An assortment of planning tools are maintained by the SEAT committee for host club planning and administration of the National Specialty from the initial bid process through the final financial report at the Specialty's close. The National Specialty Manual provides both procedures to be followed and suggested job descriptions for the majority of specialty volunteer positions. In addition, it outlines the financial planning and reporting procedures for host clubs to the PWDCA, Inc. Statistics from past specialties are available (everything from entry numbers to t-shirts sold)to assist host clubs in planning for their specific event. The SEAT Forecaster is available to further fine tune expected attendance for hosts planning 2-3 years in advance of their events. The SEAT Hotel Liaison is available to provide review and guidance when dealing with host hotel contracts. In addition to helping negotiate the best proposal, she assures host clubs hotel contracts contain the required elements as outlined by the PWDCA.

The SEAT Treasurer supplies each host committee with a budget template, historical data and average past expenses in preparation for financial planning of their event. She also tracks each Specialty year's financials on a quarterly basis and provides reports to the Specialty Host Planning Committee and the PWDCA Board. This is all in an effort to assist hosts in keeping on track financially through the 12-18 months of administration of their event.

The SEAT committee, through the PWDCA, LLC and PWDCA Board, provides an online store service to Regional Club Specialty Hosts. This store is maintained and operated by SEAT committee members and provides E-commerce solutions to selling specialty merchandise and accepting and recording trophy donations. Reports of sales are provided to the host committee on a regular basis throughout their specialty. The PWDCA, LLC and SEAT also maintain the PWDCA Specialty website and provide this service to all specialty hosts.

In addition, SEAT provides mentors for host clubs in selection of trophies and conducting the trophy drive campaign, selection and pricing for specialty logo merchandise, guidance for specialty logo creation and reproduction, and AKC show application processes. Documents and historical data are available for these aspects of specialty planning as well.

We encourage you to review the PWDCA National Specialty Manual and contact the SEAT committee with any further questions regarding the National Specialty hosting process.

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