PWDCA Register Of Merit Program

The PWDCA Register of Merit (ROM) program is an acknowledgment of outstanding working ability and versatility in the Portuguese Water Dog. It consists of four levels: the first level is the Bronze Register of Merit (BROM); the second level is the Silver Register of Merit (SROM); the third level is the Gold Register of Merit (GROM); the fourth level is the Platinum Register of Merit (PROM).

IMPORTANT FOR 2020: Applicants who would like to receive their ROM by mail in 2020 can submit their application by August 31, 2020. These will be processed and mailed by October 31, 2020. Any applicant that prefers to receive their ROM at the 2021 National Specialty will submit their application NEXT YEAR.

2020 ROM recipients will still be required to provide a photograph of their dog. These dogs will be included in the presentation made at the 2021 National Specialty. If present, those recipients can stand for recognition at that specialty.

The ROM Administrator is Kari Lavalli.

Please see the Register of Merit Application for submission instructions.

Questions? Contact Kari Lavalli

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