Regional Club Sanctioning Committee

Chair: Mike McCallum
Members: Jane Harding, Gail Browne-McDonald, Lisa Wilkinson and Martha Ruskai


There are several types of Portuguese Water Dog organizations throughout the country. Among them you will find something for everyone, formal sanctioned organizations, informal groups and international affiliate organizations.

The informal groups are Portuguese Water Dog owners who enjoy getting together with their dogs for play days, water fun, picnics, etc. Generally, they do not have officers nor have any particular schedule of events. Although not recognized as a formal club, these groups are given the opportunity to announce their events in The Courier twice a year. Often, these groups will eventually decide to organize and become a formal club.

The non-sanctioned regional clubs are generally a result of an informal group that has decided to expand, organize, elect officers and develop scheduled events. The non-sanctioned clubs are allowed an annual 200 word maximum article in The Courier, as well as listing their events. Also, these clubs may hold one regional specialty show each year pending PWDCA approval.

Foreign Affiliate Clubs came into being as a result of the growth in popularity of the Portuguese Water Dog in the world. The PWDCA, in recognizing the need to encourage and maintain communication and a good working relationship with other countries, developed the Foreign Affiliate category for clubs. These clubs have the following benefits:

  • Report club activities in The Courier
  • Host PWDCA sanctioned Water Trials with PWDCA approval
  • Listing in The Courier as a Foreign Affiliate Club

Sanctioning of regional clubs was approved in April, 1995. Sanctioned clubs must meet and maintain certain requirements that are outlined in the PWDCA Policy & Procedure Manual. The clubs are required to renew their sanctioned status each year. Benefits to regional sanctioned clubs are:

  • Report activities in The Courier
  • Host PWDCA Supported Entries or Regional Specialties with PWDCA approval
  • Host PWDCA Sanctioned water trials with PWDCA approval
  • Listing in The Courier and PWDCA website
  • Financial Support for water trials up to $200.00/year
  • Liaison to the Water Trial committee
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