Health & Litter Log Support Committee

Chair: Jane McEwen
Member Karen Kirby Ash, Fred Forman  


The Health & Litter Log (HLL) contains dog and health information provided by owners and breeders of registered Portuguese Water Dogs. The log allows members to research dogs, provide dog and health information, view and print reports, as well as enter a new litter.

Access is available to all PWD owners and breeders. Health & Litter Log privilege is subject to the PWDCA access and participation policy.

Database Submissions
Below are the most common documentation needed when submitting changes or additions to the Health & Litter Log. Additional documentation may be required for other changes/additions.

  • If documentation is needed, you will be notified by an HLL administrator.
  • For litters: AKC litter record filled out with the proper information.  
  • Foreign litters: A litter report from the country of birth or individual registrations.
  • Adding a dog to the log: A copy of the registration either AKC or Foreign
  • Adding or removing a co-owner: A copy of the registration showing the change.  

If test results are on the OFA website, no additional documentation will be needed.

The Health & Litter Log support team is alphabetically aligned to you by the registered name of your dog. Documents can be copied and mailed, scanned and emailed and sent to:

or they can be uploaded to your dog's record in the HLL.


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