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PWDs and Children together

Portuguese Water Dogs get along great with children. You need to understand, however, that dogs are not human. PWDs will often consider a child as a canine litter mate and could play harder than you would want and they play with their mouths. Therefore it is important that you never let small children be unsupervised with your dog. If something were to happen you would have no way of knowing whose "fault" it was. Did the child tease the dog, pull the tail, or hurt the dog in a way the precipitate a nip. An accidental bite will always be blamed on the dog. In all fairness, some PWDs are tolerant beyond normal limits with overly rough physical play. But accidents can still happen.

Just as you will be training your new pup, rules should also be set for children in regard to your PWD. A child needs to be told what is allowable and what isn't. And if a child is unable to be part of a puppy's guidance, do not let him have any of the responsibilities. If a child is too young to understand how to pick up a puppy, then don't allow it. If a youngster can't be trusted to help with house breaking then don't make that a child's responsibility. If a child won't pick his toys up off the floor then he should realize they will be fair game for destruction by any PWD.

Children and PWDs can be best of buddies. But expect slip-ups with kids and PWDs and try to instill reliability in both. Always keep a sharp eye on them when together. Never leave your dog and child alone together.

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