Producer Of Merit Program

The PWDCA Producer of Merit Award recognizes members who are striving to produce outstanding get. The dogs awarded with a Producer of Merit (POM) reflect the AKC Standard of the Portuguese Water Dog which includes type, desirable temperament and intelligence, the working ability to perform in the water plus other performance venues, and in addition to have all pertinent recommended health credentials for the parents. The Courier breeding related advertisement requirements regarding health credentials at the time of the breeding will be the standard referenced.


To qualify for nomination, each nominated Producer MUST have:
  1. Produced a minimum of six titled Get from one or a maximum of two litters.
  2. Titles earned by the Get must come from all three areas of competition: conformation, performance, and water trial.
  3. More than half of the titled Get must be an AKC Champion of Record.
  4. At least two of the titled get must be a PWDCA Water Titlist.
  5. Each of the titled Get MUST have a PWDCA Water Title (JWC does not qualify) OR AKC Performance Title, including Obedience (at the CD level or above), Tracking and Agility (Rally does not qualify).
  6. Each individual get counts as only one Titled Get, regardless of the number of titles.

In summary:

The POM-nominated Producer must have produced at least six Titled Get from not more than two litters. Producers who have more than two litters are still eligible for the POM Award, but the qualifying Titled Get can come from no more than two of those litters.

Each of the Titled Get must have a working title (i.e., from Water or a Performance venue). Of those working titles, at least one must be from a performance venue (Agility, Obedience, or Tracking), and at least two of the Titled Get must have PWDCA Water Titles. In addition, at least four of the six Titled Get must have AKC Championships.

The Litter(s) must have been bred within The Courier breeding-related advertisement requirements regarding health credentials at the time of the breeding. Those requirements are documented in Health Testing Requirements for POM Nominations .

Nomination for the Producer of Merit Award is to be made by the owner of record who must be a PWDCA member in good standing.

Areas of Competition and Titles:

The following are qualifying titles and venues:
  • Conformation title (Championship)
  • Water titles (AWD, WWD, CWD, CWDX)
  • Obedience titles (CD, CDX, UD, UDX, OTCH)
  • Tracking titles (TD, TDX, VST)
  • Agility titles (All AKC Agility titles)

Award Procedure:

Nomination for the Producer of Merit Award is to be made by the owner of record who must be a PWDCA member in good standing. The member is responsible for submitting and documenting all information necessary to the Awards Committee for review and consideration.
  1. The POM applicant completes the Producer of Merit Nomination Form and mails or emails it to the designated Awards Committee Member ("ACM") along with photocopies of all relevant title and health certificates. If the all health information from the Nominated Producer and its Mate are recorded in the PWDCA HLD, health testing certificates are not required to be submitted. Details of applicable breeding health testing requirements can be found in Health Testing Requirements for POM Nominations . Include an email address for communications from the Awards Committee related to the application.
  2. The ACM verifies the applicant’s PWDCA membership and the application documentation-- litter health clearances and title certificates from the Titled Get. The applicant will be notified if additional information is required or if there is a problem with the application. The POM award designation may be used in advertising upon recipient's receipt of written confirmation of the POM award from the ACM.
  3. The POM Nomination form and supporting documentation may be sent by mail, or electronically via email. If you prefer the application form as a Word document instead of pdf for email transmission, contact Amanda Ford.
  4. Send all POM nomination documentation to:  Amanda Ford ([email protected]), Awards Committee Member

In the event that any Titled Get counted towards POM qualification is later stripped of a title (by the awarding registry), or it is discovered that incorrect or falsified documentation was provided to the Awards Committee, the Awards Committee and/or PWDCA Board of Directors retains the right to revoke a POM award. Any dog/recipient that has a POM award revoked shall be listed in two future PWDCA club publications.

Questions? Contact Amanda Ford ([email protected])

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