Owner Handler Awards

Owner Handler Awards

The Owner Handler Awards (OHA) and Junior Showmanship Owner Handler Awards (JSOHA) programs are to encourage PWDCA members to:

        • Actively participate in competitive events and activities by handling dogs owned or co-owned by them
        • Develop positive working relationships and camaraderie with their fellow club members and competitors
        • Continually expand their understanding of the PWD breed standard through “hands on” activities and experiences

Registered owner handler (non-professional) participants will earn program points for placements earned in conformation, agility, obedience, rally, therapy, CGC, water, and tracking events.

Program Registration

Registration for 2019/2020 Program Year

Registration is now open for the 2019/2020 program year that starts July 1, 2019.

Owner Handler Online Registration
Junior Showmanship Owner Handler Registration 

Changes to 2018/2019 Program

2019-20 Program Changes

Submit Qualifying Points

Mail-in Points Form 
Online Points Form

Throughout the program year, owner handler program rankings will be tracked and communicated via the program webpage, Facebook, email announcements, etc. At the PWDCA National Specialty, awards will be presented to the top five conformation owner handlers and the top five all around (all venues) owner handlers. 

Support of the Health & Litter Log

The Owner Handler Awards program committee fully supports the PWDCA's Code of Ethics that encourages (not mandates) members to support the use of the PWD Health & Litter Log. As such, the Owner Handler Awards program has established a process specifically developed to encourage and support program participant use of the PWD Health & Litter Log.

Program Information for 2019/2020

More details about the program, and point schedule are available in the documents below.

Program Details for 2019/2020

Owner Handler & Junior Showmanship Awards 
Frequently Asked Questions 
Instructions for Use

Point Schedule for 2019/2020

Owner Handler & Junior Showmanship 

Owner Handler Awards Rankings

Current Owner Handler Rankings

Questions?  Contact the Owner Handler Awards program coordinators ([email protected])

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