Rally Trial

Obedience and Rally

Obedience training is the process of teaching a dog a series of commands, such as “come”, “sit”, “stay”, and “heel”. Most obedience trainers use a variety of very positive techniques to stimulate a dog to learn a command. These positive techniques serve to make each training session fun and rewarding for the trainer and the dog.

All Portuguese Water Dogs need basic obedience so as to be good companions. Basic obedience gives every owner the tools to train his dog to be well-mannered at home or away, and with people of all ages ranging from toddlers to senior citizens. In addition to teaching the dog to learn 'basic skills'. Obedience also helps the dog to learn 'focus' and helps to promote a very strong bond between owner and dog.

After learning basic obedience, many owners enter AKC or UKC Obedience or Rally trials to demonstrate their skills, and to earn titles. The dog and handler teams are judged on how accurately and quickly they perform the required exercises. For both obedience and rally, there is a basic level, which must be completed before the dog & handler team can compete at more advanced levels. Each advanced level is more challenging to the dog and handler.

PWDCA Ranking System for Obedience Awards


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