Multiple Achievement Certificate

The MAC program was updated on December 15, 2019 to include PWDCA water certificates (Junior Water Dog and Working Water Dog Excellent) and to adjust the use of titles such as CGC, temperament test, and farm dog. Please review the new program rules before submitting your application.

The Multiple Achievement Certificate (MAC) is a program that will recognize the many PWD owners and dogs training and competing in dog sports, regardless of registry, area of competition, or title. Most nationally-recognized dog sports that award titles can be used towards the MAC requirements, to recognize and reward all of our dogs’ achievements.The PWDCA Board approved the program on 12/16/2013, with a start date of 1/1/2014.

Program Details

MAC Program Rules
MAC Application Form

The goal of this program is to reward breadth of participation by requiring multiple areas of competition, but with few restrictions on what events, registries, or titles are eligible.The level 1 Multiple Achievement Certificate (MAC-1) will be awarded to a dog for earning any 7 titles in a minimum of three areas of competition. The MAC-2 and higher will be awarded to that dog for each set of 6 additional titles from 3 areas of competition.These areas need not be the same as those used for MAC-1, but there must be 6 titles in at least three areas of competition for each additional MAC level.

Duplicate Titles in Different Registries

Duplicate titles in different registries will be acceptable at any level (such as AKC and UKC CD, or Novice agility titles from different agility organizations). An exception to this are the AKC CGC titles and equivalents from other registries. (Only one CGC-type title may be used for the MAC program and only at the MAC-1 level, and will be assigned to the Social Behavior area of competition. See item #3 in the MAC Program Rules.) An application for MAC-1 could include, for example, AKC and UKC CH, AKC BN, CD and CKC CD, AKC NA and OA. This has the minimum three areas of competition (conformation, obedience, and agility) and seven total titles.

Accepted Areas of Competition

Accepted areas of competition include nationally-recognized organizations that issue titles, as long as there is documentation of the title earned. Remember that only titles, not certificates or awards, count towards the MAC certificate. The single exception is that PWDCA Junior and Working Water Dog Excellent certificates ARE eligible for the program. For some of the newer or more unusual areas of competition, the applicant may need to provide information to the program administrator on the titling organization, venue, and titles so that area of competition and titling levels may be determined. We will keep an updated list of approved organizations available.

Overlap with the Register of Merit (ROM) award is allowed—i.e., all titles used for the ROM are eligible for MAC (although Awards used for the ROM are not eligible.)

Open to All Dogs

The Multiple Achievement Certificate program is open to any dog regardless of when the titles were earned, as long as the dog is owned or co-owned by a PWDCA member at time of application, and the dog is entered in the PWD Health and Litter database.


For questions on the Multiple Achievement Certificate, contact Amanda Ford ([email protected]) or Verne Foster ([email protected]).

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