Membership Changes

Voting Membership

Voting membership is open to all Associate members who have demonstrated commitment to the breed and club.

Benefits of Voting Membership

  • Has all rights and privileges of an Associate member
  • May participate in the Breeder Referral Program
  • May vote on PWDCA business
  • May serve on the Nominating Committee
  • May hold an elected position on the PWDCA Board

To Apply for Voting Membership

  • Has been an Associate member for at least two consecutive years
  • Is a resident of the United States
  • Sponsored by two Voting members in good standing with the PWDCA
  • Download the Voting Member application

If you have questions regarding your Voting membership application, please contact [email protected].

Update Your Contact Information

We are in the process of transitioning to a new membership site. Please avoid making any changes in your Members Only profile. In order that your updated information is included in the new site, please download the printable contact information change form , and mail changes/corrections to:

PWDCA, Inc. Membership
2528 Quincy Road NE
Solon, IA 52333-9679

If you have questions about PWDCA membership, please send an email to [email protected].

First Class Mailing for The Courier

For members in the United States that have elected to receive The Courier via Bulk rate mail, by default, the USPS does not forward bulk rate publications, and The Courier will be discarded by the USPS. However, if ‘Premium Forwarding’ service is selected with the USPS, for a fee, the USPS will forward bulk rate publications.

For members that have seasonal or multiple addresses during the year or if you are planning to move, it is suggested to change from Bulk rate to First Class mail of The Courier. This will ensure that your edition of The Courier is forwarded to your home.

The cost to change from Bulk rate to First Class mail of The Courier is prorated based on when the online form is completed:

January – April: $25.00
May – August: $16.67
September – December: $8.33

Please complete the online form to change from Bulk rate to First Class mail.

Add Household Member

To add an Associate or Foreign member to your existing household membership, please complete the online application. To add a Junior member to your existing household member, please complete this Junior member application.

Note: Membership in the PWDCA, Inc. does not take effect immediately. The household member's name and sponsor’s name (where applicable) will be submitted to the Board of Directors, and published in the next Board meeting minutes in order to solicit comments from club members. After the household member's name has been published in the minutes, during Executive Session at any meeting of the Board of Directors, the application to join the PWDCA will be voted on. Please allow for up to 3 months for the household member's application to be processed.

If you have questions about PWDCA membership, please send an email to [email protected].

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