Five membership categories are available to individuals who are in good standing with the AKC, and adhere to the purposes of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, Inc.

Membership in the PWDCA, Inc. does not take effect immediately. Your name and your sponsor’s name (where applicable) will be submitted to the Board of Directors, and published in the next Board meeting minutes in order to solicit comments from club members. After your name has been published in the minutes, during Executive Session at any meeting of the Board of Directors, your application to join the PWDCA will be voted on. Please allow for up to eight weeks for your membership application to be processed.

If you have questions about joining the PWDCA, please contact [email protected].

 Membership Categories

Associate Member

Associate membership is open to adults who are residents of the United States. 

Benefits of Associate Membership

  • Receives The Courier, our award-winning bi-monthly magazine of the PWDCA, which is all about the breed, health, training, and feature articles
  • Participate in a rich variety of general member and breeder programs
  • Share information with PWDCA members in the user forums
  • Access the Members-Only pages, for exclusive information about the club, titles and breed information
  • Access the online membership directory
  • May serve on committees

To Apply for Associate Membership

Junior Member

Junior membership is open to children who are at least 8 years of age and less than 18 years of age. Junior membership is available to both United States and Foreign residents. Junior members typically join the PWDCA with an Associate or Foreign member.

Junior members who wish to join the club without a parent or guardian may complete a separate application .

Benefits of Junior Membership

  • Participate in a variety of general member programs
  • May serve on committees

Foreign Member

Foreign membership is open to adults who are residents outside the United States.

Benefits of Foreign Membership

  • Has all rights and privileges of an Associate member

To Apply for Foreign Membership

Voting Member

Voting membership is open to all Associate members who have demonstrated commitment to the breed and club.

Benefits of Voting Membership

  • Has all rights and privileges of an Associate member
  • May participate in the Breeder Referral Program
  • May vote on PWDCA business
  • May serve on the Nominating Committee
  • May hold an elected position on the PWDCA Board

To Apply for Voting Membership

  • Has been an Associate member for at least two consecutive years
  • Is a resident of the United States
  • Sponsored by two Voting members in good standing with the PWDCA
  • Download the Voting Member application

Honorary Member

Honorary membership is bestowed by the PWDCA Board to individuals in recognition of special services to the PWDCA, Inc. An Honorary member has all rights and privileges of an Associate member.

Additional membership details are available in Article 1, Section 1 of the PWDCA Bylaws.

Membership Dues

Membership in the PWDCA, Inc. follows the calendar year from January through December and is non-refundable. Members who join between May through August, are eligible for prorated dues. Members who join between September and December, pay prorated dues for the current membership year as well as well as membership dues for the following year.

Joining In



Each Add'l Household Member

Optional U.S. Only: First-Class Postage for The Courier
January - April $65.00 $115.00 $20.00 Free $25.00
May - August $45.00 $78.33 $13.33 Free $16.66
September - December $85.00 $151.67 $26.67 Free $33.33

* A Junior who joins the club without a parent or guardian that is also a member of the PWDCA, Inc. is eligible to receive their own copy of The Courier.

More details on payment of membership dues are available in Article 1, Section 2 and 4 of the PWDCA Bylaws.

If you have questions about PWDCA membership, please contact [email protected].

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