Judges Education Committee

Chair: Jean Hassebroek - Iowa
Members: Lou Guthrie - North Carolina
Steve Dostie - Maine
Marilyn Rimmer - California
Janis Watts - Arizona

The Judges Education Committee is dedicated to formulating effective, reliable and objective breed presentations to aspiring, provisional, and approved Portuguese Water Dog judges. The goal of the JEC is to hold and support presentations in various areas of the United States in order to facilitate the needs of judges, with the end result of better educated judges able to assess our breed. We offer Ringside Mentoring in conjunction with presentations that are given in at Specialties and Regional Specialties. Our PowerPoint presentation is constantly being updated.

We mail Judges Education Packets to any judges who have not attended one of our current Seminars, and are listed in the AKC Gazette as applying for approval to judge the Portuguese Water Dog.

If you are a PWDCA member interested in becoming a Judge Mentor, please complete and send in the Mentor Application .

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