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The Judges Education Committee of the PWDCA is pleased to make available to all approved, new and prospective AKC Judges whatever information they may be searching for with regard to judging the Portuguese Water Dog. If you do not find what you are looking for on, or linked to this site, please do not hesitate to contact any of our Committee members, or any other contacts here.

The Judges Education Committee is dedicated to formulating effective, reliable and objective breed presentations to aspiring, provisional, and approved Portuguese Water Dog judges. The goal of the JEC is to hold and support presentations in various areas of the United States in order to facilitate the needs of judges, with the end result of better educated judges able to assess our breed. We offer Ringside Mentoring in conjunction with presentations that are given at Specialties and Regional Specialties. If at all possible, we will gladly make ringside mentoring available when requested.

We encourage all Portuguese Water Dog judges to attend one or more water trials to see our breed performing the type of work that was historically required of them. This will give the judge a better insight into the reasons for the conformation requirements as specified in our breed standard.

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