Monday, April 09, 2018 05:43 PM

Interim Courier Team for 2018

Today we are announcing the Interim Courier Team that we mentioned in the last Courier update.

The Interim Courier Team will have three groups: Advertisement Sales, Content, and Layout & Design as follows:

  • Advertisement Sales. We are rolling out a new online submittal system.  The online advertisement submission will allow you to upload photos, content and use PayPal.  This change will make it easier for our members to purchase and pay for advertisements in a secure manner. Mail in and e-mailed advertising forms will still be accepted. Design work will begin upon payment. Details:
    • Team members: Lynn Nelson and Susan Myrick (sales); Donna Sack (Breeding Advertisement Health Coordinator)
    • Email address: [email protected]
  • Content. Our volunteer content team will be charged with providing relevant content to The Courier.  If you are able to write articles or have a creative idea, please contact the Content Team:
    • Team members: Martha Ruskai and Janice Reilly (articles); Amy Lane (proofreading)
    • Email address: [email protected]
  • Layout & Design. We have established a dedicated professional team which can tackle the members demand for a visually rich magazine. Team members:
    • Katie Gochev will have the primary responsibility of graphic design and layout.  Katie is a freelance graphic designer/photographer that works in the “dog show” field.
    • Peter Paige will work on layout and final execution. Peter has graciously extended his knowledge and assistance to ensure we bridge the gap from our teams work to final publication.

The current Courier Review Panel (David Smith, Barbara Belicose and John Brock) will continue to do pre-publication reviews of content and resolve any issues regarding content and advertisements.

In response to member feedback, discussions with past Courier editors, and extensive Board discussions, the Board agreed to make some advertising policy changes that will simplify placing ads and reduce production costs:

  • Health testing results will no longer be required in the individual advertisements.  Full health disclosure of dogs advertised will be in a table at the back of The Courier.
  • The AKC number of the dogs advertised will be required on advertisements.
  • Breeding advertisement definition has been simplified.
  • Health tests for breeding-related advertisements need only be current as of the time of submission.
  • Only advertisements which are breeding-related will have health information validated.
  • PWDCA Board minutes and annual financial reports will no longer printed in The Courier (they are available on the website).

As announced previously, for the remainder of 2018, The Courier will have three consolidated issues:

June Issue
(content due May 1)
September Issue
(content due August 1)
December Issue
(content due October 15)
  • Stud Dog Directory Gallery
  • Brood Bitch
  • Stud Dog
  • Veterans
  • Rescue
  • Health
  • Performance
  • OBAA
  • MAC
  • OHA
  • Awards
  • 2018 National Specialty

If you have submited an advertisement for the performance or stud dog issues, please contact the Advertisement Sales Team at [email protected].

We are now open for business!!

Please help us be successful by submitting advertisements and offering to contribute content. We know we have to earn your long-term support, but for now we all need to be working together to create baseline for success.

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