Friday, September 22, 2017 12:00 AM

2018 Board Slate Elected By Acclamation

As there were no additional candidate nominations for the five open positions on the Board by the September 10 deadline (per the Bylaws), the 2018 Nominating Committee's Slate of Nominees to join our returning Board members is elected by acclamation.

For the 2018 Board, the returning 2017 Board members are: Fred Forman (CO), Susan Myrick (TX), Amy Phelan (TX), William Varr III (CT) and Janis Watts (AZ). They will be joined by John Brock (GA), Judy Murray (PA), Logan Ott (CA), Janice Reilly (NC) and Martha Thomas (CO), filling the five available two-year positions for the PWDCA Board's 2018–2019 term.

Biographies for the 2018 Nominated Slate were previously distributed.

Club officers are elected from within the Board at its first meeting in early January.

Fred Forman ([email protected])
PWDCA Recording Secretary

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