Top-20 Committee

Matthew Davis ([email protected])
 Amy Durkin Lane ([email protected])
Tom Car 
Jamie Keller-Carr
Scott Henley
Julie Parker
Sandy Overton People's Choice Award
Molly Speckhardt
Kendal Walters
 Janis Watts.

Introduction to the Top-20

History – One of the first Top-20 events was held in 1974 during the Doberman Pinscher's convention. The contenders were invited based on their AKC statistical rankings. Each of the Top-20 Dobermans were brought into the ring and were evaluated by 3 judges based on the scale of points that was incorporated in the written Doberman standard. Over the years this event has become so popular that a Top-20 Obedience competition was added and first held in 1980 and a Top-20 Agility competition began in 2000. Historically, the Top-20 is a stand alone, black tie affair, not supported financially by the Parent Club.

Procedure – The Top-20 is always held before the Best of Breed judging. The identity of the 3 judges selected by the Top-20 committee is kept secret until 1 hour prior to the start of judging. There are 3 judging stations with 3 dogs in the ring, one at each of the stations, being judged concurrently. When a judge has finished with their examination of their first dog, they score the dog on a scale of 1-10. When each of the dogs has been examined for structure and movement by their first judge, they then move onto the second station and the procedure is repeated. When each of the 3 dogs has been evaluated and scored by all 3 judges, they leave the ring and another group of three enters the ring until all the dogs have been evaluated and scored. All scores sheets are tabulated and the winner or winners, in case of a tie, will be announced at the Awards Dinner.

People's Choice Award – Each member of the audience will be given a chance to evaluate the dogs from ringside. Score sheets will be available and each spectator can fill them out and vote for their Top-20 winner. Ballots will be tabulated following the end of judging and the winner will be announced right away.

Why a Top-20 – The judging process at the Top-20 is not the same as that used at AKC shows where a written critique is never used. With the judging being based solely on the breed standard, judge's preference should not enter into their decision. In addition, this allows spectators to evaluate the dogs at the same time that they are being judged. This may encourage an exchange of ideas and breed education during discussions of the standard. This is a time to acknowledge the dogs' breeders, owners and handlers – a time to view "the cream of the crop" in head to head competition.

Top-20 rules and other information can be found in the Top-20 Section.

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