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We want you to make a great choice. We urge you to talk with several breeders about the things you need to know, like pedigrees, health, temperament, price, AKC registration, and written guarantees. For starters, you should know about some serious health issues, among them:

  • GM1 and JDCM that causes death within one year.
  • PRA and EOPRA, two diseases that cause blindness.
  • Hip dysplasia, a poor hip joint which can cripple and cause arthritis, although it does not always do so.
  • Various eye problems. An annual exam by a certified canine ophthalmologist and registered with CERF or ECR checks for these.

We recommend health tests for these conditions of any sire and dam, the parents of your puppy. We suggest that you see the copies of the test results (e.g. an OFA certificate with a permanent number), and the contract in writing before you commit.

Regional Club Representatives can answer additional questions, guide you to the owners of Portuguese Water Dogs nearest to you so you can meet more dogs, learn about local club activities, etc. Please do not ask the Club Representative to recommend one breeder over another.

Our breed has a range of health, temperaments, energy levels - and breeders. Please take the time now to make a careful choice. For samples of health test forms and information on other health issues, please read the Guide to the Portuguese Water Dog. It will help your conversations with breeders.

Disclaimer: All puppies listed below are from breeders who participate in this paid classified listing service, the PWDCA Breeder Referral Program. These breeders have agreed to comply with the terms and conditions in the PWDCA Breeder Agreement. We do not supervise, guarantee, recommend, or endorse any breeder. We are not party to any contracts, nor do we verify information on breeder websites. The Breeders Referral Program is voluntary. No negative judgment should be inferred of a breeder who chooses not to participate in the breeder referral program. Information and contracts provided by participants and non-participants of this list should be scrutinized in depth.

This list is maintained by the PWDCA Breeder Referral Committee. If you have any questions, please contact the Coordinator ([email protected]).

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