Health Committees

There are several PWDCA committees that focus on the various aspects of the Portuguese Water Dog health. Detailed information about the health condition of focus by each of the committees is in the Health section of the web site.  Where available, information on the mission and function of the committees are provided in the links below.  Additional committee member contact information is listed in the Member Directory (members only).  

Chair / Committee Members
Allergy, Hairloss, & Dermatology

Chair: Paul del Campo Hartman ([email protected])
Committee Members: Marietta Franzese and Kim Hanson


Chair: David E. Smith ([email protected])
Committee Members: Mary Baum and Karen Kelly

CHIC Coordinator

Coordinator: Cynthia O'Connor, DVM DACT ([email protected])

Endocrine (includes Addison’s
& Thyroid diseases)

Chair: Sherry Rady ([email protected])
Committee Members: Jane Harding


Co-Chairs: Joan C. Bendure and Janet Boyd ([email protected])
Committee Members: Cheryl Hoofnagle and Carol Mattingley

Gastrointestinal/IBD & Megaesophagus

Chair: Sharon Dudley-Brown ([email protected])
Committee Members: Christine Framson and Ann Gaskell

GM1 Chair: Kathy Ferrandino ([email protected])

Health & Litter Log Support

Chair: Jane McEwen ([email protected])
Committee Member: Karen Kirby Ash

Health Information Coordinator

Coordinator: Elsa Sell ([email protected])
Assistant: Betty Grotophorst and Ann Camp

Health Research Grant Coordinator

Coordinator: Cheryl Deguara ([email protected])


Co-Chair: Carol Mattingley ([email protected])
Co-Chair: Maryanne Murray ([email protected])
Committee Members: Carolyn Iraggi and Erin Mayfield

Neonatal and Pediatric Health

Chair: Carol Mattingley ([email protected])
Committee Members: Pat Hogan, Leslie McCracken and Janice Reilly


Chair: Angela Harding ([email protected])
Committee Members:


Chair: Laurie Hardman ([email protected])
Committee Members: Ann Gaskell and Julie Asbed



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