General Programs Committees

There are several PWDCA committees that focus on general programs for Portuguese Water Dogs, owners and handlers.  Where available, information on the mission and function of the committees are provided in the links below. Additional committee member contact information is listed in the Membership Directory (members only).

Chair / Committee Members
AKC Outstanding
Sportsmanship Award

Chair: Susan Myrick ([email protected])
Committee Member: Mike McCallum and Linda Kelly


Chair: Amanda Ford ([email protected])
Committee Members: Verne Foster (Pins), Julie Asbed, Kari Lavalli, Kathy Souza and Barb Crowther (AKC Stats)

Futurity/Maturity Program

Chair: Shelly Jakubowski ([email protected])

Junior Affiliate

Chair: Christie Kello ([email protected])
Committee Members: Amy Lane

Miller Scholarship Fund

Chair: Kristen Cofiell ([email protected])
Committee Members
: Melinda Harvey and Rita Araujo

Owner Handler & Junior Showmanship
Awards Programs
Chair: Lin McClure ([email protected])
Committee Members: Leslie Hill, Shelley Plucker
Penny Wetmore, Tina Morse, Martha Ruskai and Candice Duclos

Remembrance Fund

Chair: Angela Rogerson ([email protected])


Co-Chair: Matthew Davis ([email protected])
Co-Chair: Amy Durkin Lane ([email protected])
Committee Members: Tom Car, Jamie Keller-Carr, Scott Henley, Sandra Overton, Julie Parker, Molly Speckhardt, Kendal Walters and Janis Watts.




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