Ready for a Puppy?

So you think you want a Portuguese Water Dog puppy?

We know that Portuguese Water Dog puppies are cute. But we also know they are not the right dog for everyone. Before you buy one, we'd like to help you make sure that having a Portuguese Water Dog is the right dog for you.

Our breed has a range of health, temperaments, energy levels - and breeders. Please take the time now to make a careful choice.

If you want a dog that...

  • requires regular and extensive grooming
  • demands attention and exercise
  • challenges your will
  • needs training and human contact
  • thinks independently
  • voices its opinion
  • greets friends and family with unbridled enthusiasm

...then the Portuguese Water Dog may be right for you.

If you want a dog that...

  • requires minimal grooming
  • needs little or no attention or exercise
  • requires little mental stimulation
  • is content to be left alone
  • is very obedient in nature
  • blends into the woodwork
  • gives the occasional jump, lick and wagging tail

...then the Portuguese Water Dog is NOT right for you.

If you are getting started researching the breed, we suggest that you read our Puppy Information articles series. It contains a lot of really good general information about selecting the right kind of dog for your family, selecting a breeder, and specific information about Portuguese Water Dogs.

If you have already decided to get a Portuguese Water Dog, we recommend that you read choosing the right Portuguese Water Dog breeder and puppy.

List of breeders who are currently participating in the PWDCA Breeder Referral Program.

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