Code of Ethical Conduct

All PWDCA Members are representatives of the Club and of the breed. They are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which brings respect to the Club and to the breed displaying good sportsmanship, civility, honesty and responsibility for their dogs and themselves at all times. All PWDCA Members have an obligation to protect the Portuguese Water Dog and its future by welcoming new owners and facilitating their education about the breed and the Club, by realistically and honestly portraying the qualities of the breed and their dogs, and by adhering to responsible ownership and breeding practices.

Section 1 All PWDCA Members shall:

a)    Abide by the PWDCA Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws and the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club including the AKC Code of Sportsmanship.

b)    Encourage and maintain the best accepted, reasonable and responsible standards of canine health, hygiene, feeding, care and training.

c)    Encourage and support participation in the Health & Litter Database maintained by the PWDCA for all Portuguese Water Dogs.

d)    Be mentors for the breed willingly sharing their knowledge and experience related to Portuguese Water Dogs and information related to participation in dog sports and activities with others.

e)    Not sell, place or consign any Portuguese Water Dog to a commercial facility, business or agent thereof.

f)     Not relinquish a Portuguese Water Dog to an animal shelter.

 Section 2 All PWDCA Members who breed their dogs, whether brood bitch owner or stud dog owner should:

a)    Utilize available health tests in accordance with the recommendations of the PWDCA in an effort to minimize or eliminate the occurrence of disease affected puppies /dogs.

b)    List results for PWDCA recommended health tests in the Health & Litter Database maintained by the PWDCA.

c)    Educate themselves on the AKC Standard of the Portuguese Water Dog and breed dogs conforming to the standard.

d)    To the best of their ability, evaluate puppies /dogs and the prospective placement homes for compatibility to strive for life long placements.

e)    To the best of their ability verify that the people with whom they place puppies /dogs will provide a suitable home and be responsible owners.

f)     Conduct all business dealings related to the breeding or the placement of puppies /dogs with honesty, completeness and clarity; and advertise honestly in a manner that is in no way misleading or fraudulent.

g)    Assume lifelong responsibility for any and all puppies their Portuguese Water Dogs produce.

h)    Conduct business with a comprehensive written contract to avoid misconceptions and confusion at the time of the transaction and in the future.

i)     Supply a PWDCA Associate Membership Form and a copy of this Code of Ethical Conduct to anyone with whom a puppy/adult dog is placed unless they are already a member of the PWDCA.

Certain voluntary programs within the club may have more stringent expectations, recommendations or requirements for participation than are defined by this document. This Code of Ethical Conduct outlines the expectations of appropriate behavior for all PWDCA members and strives to educate all members as to those expectations.

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