Breeder Development Committee

Chair: Brytt Hasslinger
Members: Meg DeFore, Steve Dostie, Jean Hassebroek, and Marilyn Rimmer

Mission and Scope:

The mission of this committee is to benefit the future of the Portuguese Water Dog by providing informational resources and educational support to all PWDCA members interested in breeding the Portuguese Water Dog. Committee goals are: to promote knowledge of and breeding to the AKC approved breed standard; to promote quality and integrity in all aspects and issues regarding breeding, care, rearing, placement and continuing breeder responsibility to the purebred PWD; and to promote open communication in regard to continuing development and support for more informed, responsible, committed and ethical breeding practices.

Committee Scope:

  1. To offer informational resources regarding breeding the Portuguese Water Dog for PWDCA members; to always foster an open, non-judgmental, and unbiased dialogue among breeders, the committee and the board that encourages member growth, participation and information dissemination to those members interested in breeding.
  2. To develop and provide programs for breeder development and education to assist members in understanding breeder responsibilities, ethics, and issues.
  3. To promote educational development and more informed breeding choices by supporting study of the AKC approved PWD standard, pedigrees, health, and temperament issues.
  4. To respect the breeder/owner relationship.
  5. To direct issues better served by veterinary guidance to veterinary counsel.
  6. To encourage participation in PWDCA health testing recommendations and participation in the Health and Litter Database.
  7. Provide, coordinate and host an annual breeder educational conference at the PWDCA National Specialty. Record, maintain and coordinate a library of all annual educational conferences on DVD. Topics will benefit both the novice and experienced breeder.
  8. Designate committee members to obtain continuing education from outside conferences or breeding seminars with board approval. Attendee's responsibilities will be to provide a summarized report of seminars to the Board, the Breeder Development Committee, and to the membership.
  9. Continually update and maintain educational information for the membership with the inclusion of Courier articles, a page on the PWDCA website, the current Breeders document and provide additional informational resource materials as needed to benefit novice and experienced breeders alike.

Size and Composition:

This committee will have 6 members supporting and reporting to the Chair. Responsibilities for each committee member will be Conference Organizers, Information Resource Development, Educational Material Research, and Educational Columnist.

Committee Members Selection Process:

Breeder Development Committee applicants should have at least 10 years of PWDCA club membership and no less than 5 years of breeding experience, who have personally bred at least 4 A.K.C. champions, have owned and managed a stud dog, and have whelped at least 4 litters. Obtaining performance or working titles will also be an asset.

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