Awards Committee

Chair: Amanda Ford
Members: Verne Foster, Barb Crowther,  Julie Asbed, Kathy Souza and Kari Lavalli


The mission of the Awards Committee is:

  • Recognize accomplishments of PWDs and their owners in multiple areas of competition (Pin program, ROM, MAC, Superdog)
  • Encourage participation in a diversity of competitive events (MAC, ROM, Superdog, OBAA, Producer of Merit)
  • Recognize breeders and breeding stock that produce dogs with breed type, performance ability and attention to health testing (OBAA, Producer of Merit)
  • Collect, process, and assist in archiving of breed title and rankings records, and reporting of that information to The Courier editor and PWDCA web site.

Awards Committee Recognition Programs:

  • Pin program to recognize Members who put working and breed titles on their dogs. A pin is given for the first title a dog earns in 7 different performance events:  Breed, Obedience, Agility, Water, Service, Tracking, and Rally.
  • Multiple Achievement Certificate (MAC) to recognize the many PWD owners and dogs training and competing to earn titles. The goal of this program is to reward breadth of participation by requiring multiple areas of competition, but with few restrictions on what events, registries, or titles are eligible.
  • Register of Merit Award (ROM) is a PWDCA Award designed to reward outstanding working ability and versatility at the highest competitive level. There are four levels of recognition with requirements for multiple titles, awards, and areas of competition at each level.
  • Outstanding Breeder Achievement Award (OBAA) is calculated annually based on AKC and PWDCA titles earned in the calendar year by dogs produced by each breeder. The program recognizes success by breeders to preserve breed type and versatility, and to support PWDCA health testing recommendations. An annual winner is recognized, along with a list of qualifiers who have met the basic annual requirements for title achievement and health testing among dogs they have bred.
  • Producer of Merit Award (POM) recognizes individual dogs that have produced get that reflect breed type, temperament, and working ability, with all recommended PWDCA health testing. Any dog or bitch that has, over their lifetime, produced get that meet the program requirements is eligible for the POM award. This includes multiple areas of competition, multiple titles on each of the offspring, and complete health testing on sire and dam.
  • Superdog to recognize top achieving PWD at the annual PWDCA National Specialty
In addition, the Awards Committee performs many record keeping and distribution functions for the PWDCA:
  • Receive and archive monthly and quarterly new title and rankings reports across all areas of competition.
  • Provide new title and ranking reports to the PWDCA web site administrator to post on, and work with the administrator to assure accuracy of title data.
  • Process monthly and quarterly reports for publication in The Courier. These include monthly AKC title reports and conformation placements, and quarterly conformation and agility rankings.


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