Addison's Disease

Addison’s Disease is under the umbrella of the Endocrine Committee.   

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Health Condition

Addison’s disease is a dysfunction of the adrenal glands, a/k/a hypoadrenocorticism or adrenal insufficiency.   The disease is treatable and if caught early it is possible for affected patients to live normal, active lives. 

Action Taken by the PWDCA

An Endocrine committee was formed to field questions, gather /store and report information regarding Addison’s.

Why the PWDCA is Addressing This

Portuguese Water Dogs along with approximately a dozen other breeds are predisposed to Addison’s.  The median age of dogs diagnosed with Addison’s is 4 – 6 years, but has been reported in puppies and in dogs as old as 12 years of age. 

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