About Us

The Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, Inc. (PWDCA), founded in 1972, encourages and promotes quality in the breeding of purebred Portuguese Water Dogs while bringing their natural qualities to perfection. 

What is the PWDCA?

The PWDCA is a 501(c)(4) non-profit member organization. It is led by a volunteer board (with 10 elected members) and supported by active member participation in over 30 committees. There are 18 sanctioned regional clubs, which provide local support, events, and community for PWD owners.

The commitment of the PWDCA to the health and quality of the breed led to the creation and maintenance of the PWD health & litter log.  Additional health programs and research are funded by the PWDCA and its members.  

In its dedication to advancing research in canine health issues, the PWDCA has been a leader among national dog clubs. The organization is responsible for a variety of programs that teach and assist breeders, support junior members, and encourage participation in many PWD activities.  It also is responsible for the award-winning publication of The Courier.

Membership is open to Portuguese Water Dog breeders, owners, and enthusiasts.

PWDCA National Specialty Company LLC

The PWDCA National Specialty Company LLC is a for-profit company and was formed under which all National Specialty Committees organize and operate the week-long National Specialty event held each year. During the week of events (consisting of obedience, rally, conformation, water trials, agility and tracking), PWDs and their owners from across the country participate in events and attend health education seminars. 

At this event, funds are raised for the various health funds and research that are supported by the PWDCA, Inc.

PWDCA Rescue, Inc.

PWDCA Rescue, Inc.is a non-stock, 501(c)(3) charitable corporation whose only member is the PWDCA, Inc., and is led by PWDCA volunteers and regional clubs. The Rescue Board meets on a quarterly basis—minutes of these meetings are reported to the PWDCA Board. Archives of the Rescue Board minutes [members only] can be found on this website along with the PWDCA Board minutes.

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