Administrative Committees

There are several PWDCA committees that focus on club administration.  Where available, information on the mission and function of the committees are provided in the links below.  Additional committee member contact information is listed in the Membership Directory (members only).

Chair / Committee Members
AKC Delegate

Chair: Robin Burmeister (

AKC Gazette Breed Column

Chair: Carole Prangley-McIvor (


Chair: Suzanne Malick (
Committee Members: Ginny Lane

Legislative Issues

Chair: Kathy Souza (

Media & Communications

Chair: Benita Bottom-Svitchan (
Committee Members: Krista Altendahl, Cindy Miner, Maryanne Murray, Roslyn Eskind and Peter Paige


Chair: Paula Kerezsi (
Committee Members: Fred Forman and Gwen Brock

Online Governance Panel

Chair: Cynthia Kongorski (

Policy & Procedures

Coordinator: Fred Forman (

Public Education

Co-Chairs: Susan Myrick ( and Becky Morin (
Committee Members: Mary-Kay Schroeder, Anne Duffy, Leslie Lawton, Amy Lane and Martha Thomas

PWDCA-L List Administration

Chair: Gail Browne-McDonald (
Committee Members: Mary Alice Davis
Board Liaison: Fred Forman

Regional Club Sanctioning

Chair: Judy Murray (
Committee Members: Jane Harding, Gail Browne-McDonald, Lisa Wilkinson and Martha Ruskai

Rescue & Relocation

National CoordinatorsDiana Bailey, Jennifer Wenk (

Specialty Event Advisory Team (SEAT)

Chair: Paula Markiewicz (
Committee Members: Roy Cawley, Kathy Esslinger, Kathy Gilmore and Chuck Teasley
Email all SEAT members: (

The Courier Magazine

Editor: Open
Courier Liaison Panel: Barbara Belicose and David Smith
Board Liaison: John Brock

Volunteer Pool Committee

Chair: Nancy Kurkjian (
Committee Members: Kit Murphy, Veronica Angulo
Board Liaison: Janice Reilly


Content Manager: Fred Forman (

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